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    Unanswered: Paging (Performance)

    Hello, I have incorporated a paging query in my software. I got the query from here:

    My web software ususlly responded in .005 - .02 seconds with about a 100 rows of data. When I put simulated data on my database I added about 2 million rows. when I did this -- every page that did not execute the paging query responded lightning fast. But the webpages that executed the paging query took over 5 seconds. I dont understand why this paging query brought my web application to its knees.

    Does anyone know of a more efficient way to do paging. I have SQL server 2000. If it may be easier I can upgrade to SQL 2005. PLZ Let me know. Thanks

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    have a look at these two blog posts (focus on the more recent post):

    theres a lot of info in the blog comments as well, and also links to other methods (for example,

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