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    Unanswered: relating tables from different databases


    I am trying to relate two tables but both are from different databases. I have a database 'Current' which has a table 'case' and another database 'Org' which has a table 'employee'. I want to establish a one-to-many relationship between employee and case. I created a coulmn 'employee_key' in the case table & entered values matching the pkey of the employee table. Then I wrote a query using joins to access the table records.
    select Org..employee.pkey,, from join Org..employee on Current..request.employee_key=Org..employee.pkey
    Although the above query works fine, there is no relation between the two tables of the two databases, I wanted to know if this is the right way to achieve what i want to or is there a way in which i can actually create a relationship between tables of two different datbases. Can anyone suggest/help???
    Also, I wanted to know if i can relate 1 table of SQL Server db with another table of Oracle DB. Please help ...........

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    sql server does not support RI between databases out of the box. You could enforce it yourself using triggers however. there are also 3rd party products that do it for you:

    I have not used this product however, I just ran across it the other day.

    EDIT: maybe you can be a beta tester for it:

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