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    Unanswered: invalid column name 'rowguid'

    Hi all and I appreciate any help

    I recently been assigned to a project that has an ms-access front end and sql server 2000 sp4 as the database engine.
    The database was replicated (merge replication) but for some reason they drop replication and when they tried to put it back on they got allot of problems and so they paused it.
    My task now is to make it work again. After allot of reading I desided to clean the database and start from the beginning. Using some scripts and instructions on a copy of the database I cleaned all the tables related to merge replication but when I went back to ms-access to update a record I got an error
    "invalid column name 'rowguid'" . I checked all my tables in my database but I find not such column as it was dropped using the scripts.
    Any ideas that I can use?

    Thanks allot,

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    invalid column name 'rowguid' mas-access sql server

    hi ahain
    Some more information
    My version is:
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.2039 (Intel X86)
    May 3 2005 23:18:38 Copyright (c) 1988-2003
    Microsoft Corporation Personal Edition on Windows NT 5.1
    (Build 2600: Service Pack 2)

    The database I was given had a pull subscription on it that I removed. There is no table column rowguid in the ms-access code as I debuged and checked and there are no rowguid columns in the tables because they were cleaned.
    My quess is that this message is an sql server exception.
    If you need more information please ask me as these problem cannot let me move on.
    I can try to clean the merge replication again if I' given some understantable guidance.
    The database I'm working on has a pull merge subscription on it.
    Thanks allot.
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