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    Unanswered: optimize insert to access DB


    I'm using access tables to store my data. to retrive data I use jet odbc engine in c++.

    I want to insert a large amuont of records (about 20 mega records) to my database in the fasts way i can. if i use sql syntax (insert into table ()....) it's takes for ages (about 500 records per second).

    if i'm writing a csv file and then use import (via access) it's much faster but here I have two problems
    1.I dont know how to use the access import tool from c++.
    2.I dont think I can distributie the access import tool with my product.

    so my questions are :
    1. Does any know any tool that insert records in an optimize way?
    2. How can I use the access import tool in c++?
    3. Can i use the jet engine to import csv files?

    thank ishay

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    If you're using SQL Server, you can run a DTS package on SQL Server which will load the data rather quickly.
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