WE have in the cics/db2 enviroment:
presentation layer programs( cics)
bussiness layer program (cics) and
database(db2) layer program - one program per table

I have two users(u1 and u2) that access the same row at the same time
using two differents cics programs that use dummy update of the row
to keep integrity.
U1 update the screen with $20 and press enter; then
U2 update a different screen and update the same row with $10 ; the U1 update is gone.

My solution is to create a TS queue that contains the row before displaying the screen;
when the user receive the screen and modify it after he press enter I read the same row again
and compare it with the data from the TS queue and give a "try later" message
MY PROBLEM is that because of the dummy update after the second row read I got sqlcode = +100 (not found)

THE QUESTION: how I can read the row the second time? or another solution