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    Unhappy Unanswered: Export to excel in desire cells

    Hello All,
    I have a database for entering part number and serial numbers for my orders.

    I have two different types of orders:

    1. Single order which consists of say one part number which has many serial numbers, for example we are shipping 1 hard drive same part number but all hard drives have different serial numbers.

    Part number serial number

    a. a12345 sg123456789

    b. a12345 zs239876567

    c. a12345 sfg23456778

    So on and so forth

    2. Multiple orders can have different part numbers with different serials. For example 4 hard drives with four different part numbers and all 4 drives have 4 different serials.

    Part number serial number

    a. a12345ar sg123456733

    b. a15987br hg987655433

    etc etc

    Along with all of that I have a separate spreadsheet called traveler which has to be filled before we ship the order.Users do that manually every time before they ship the order. On that spreadsheet I have 5 sections with misc fields. Out of 5 sections 90% of the time users have to fill sections 1, 4 and 5 only and other times they have to fill all. Sections 1, 4 and 5 are in the database being filled everyday like normal fields.

    Let me break down the sections

    Section 1 needs one field called sales order

    Section 4 (EVA/ FC LOOP SWITCH) has 12 fields but depending upon the order you only fill what’s required.

    Section 5 (FINAL INSPECTION) has two fields name and date.

    Users don’t like the idea of opening another program (excel) to fill out traveler which is why I suggested a report that would resemble a spreadsheet or perhaps a query that would export DESIRED data into the desired fields.

    Q1: Can I export a query to the desired cells in that spreadsheet? Also will it save the spreadsheet order# as the name of each spreadsheet?

    Q2: IF not query, then can I make a report that will look identical to the spreadsheet?

    I would like that option better if it’s possible so they can reprint the traveler anytime they want.

    If any of these options are possible how would I go about doing it?? I am a novice in access but open for any ideas.
    I am attaching my database with spreadsheet as well.
    I am using Access2003.

    Thanks alot

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