I have 2 tables, each was imported from a seperate file. Most of the data is the same on the tables. Each has acct #, name, address, and a gift amounts. Table 1 has 2 gift fields from one file, table 2 has a gift field from the other file. Some people only have gifts from one or the other.
I'm trying to create a query that will combine the 2 tables and gifts. So I should wind up with a query showing fields: account#, name, address, gift1, gift2, gift3, total gift.

The problem I'm having is if I don't link the acct #s together and just try to pull a query I have duplicates of the records that are in each table. If I link the acct #s then I only get the names of the people who gave to each one, but not the people that only gave to 1 of them.