Hi, I am required to design and implement a database for a case study scenario, for university.

The Univ Training Company holds courses in a range of topics, within a number of subject areas such as bookkeeping, accounting, IT, management, etc. Each course has a duration of one to five days and all courses are held in the Caledonian premises.

Each course is scheduled at a number of dates in the future; the term 'presentation' is used here for each scheduled delivery of the course. For instance, a bookkeeping course may be scheduled to run on 20th December, 7th January and 1st February. For each presentation of a course, a maximum number of places available is specified. For instance, the 20th December presentation may be limited to 20 enrolments.

The company has a number of tutors that present the courses, one tutor per presentation. One tutor may present different courses at various times.

When customers make booking for a course, the booking is recorded in the name of one person making the booking but the booking may reserve one of more places on the course. A list of the names other people included in the booking is also required.

I need an E-R Diagram, and Normalisation.

I just have no idea where to start, please help me!