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    Unanswered: Records Sort using WBS numbering

    There may be a simple solution to this one, but I sure haven't been able to find it!
    I'm using a form to capture comments on a document and am referencing the paragraph number which is in the Work Breakdown Structure numbering system. I need to be able to sort the records (using a query) by the WBS sequence. Problem is, Access sorts like so:

    But I need the sort to follow the WBS system and come out like so:

    Can anyone help or direct me to a resource or tip or something to get this fixed?


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    ...consider creating a hidden (is used only wihtin the db) field, which can be used for sorting. redefine the WBS in that field to be a fixed format string, so instead of, store it as, or even that is if you think you will need upto 100 sub sections. if its only the last group then you could probably get away with

    you could store the data in the wbs column including leading zeros, and then strip these out using a function (say that repalces '.0' with '.')
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