Okay, it's a good thing no one from M$ is in the immediate (physical) vicinity...

I'm doing some preliminary testing on SQL 2005 in an Active/Active Cluster. I'm using Windows 2003 Enterprise, on a 2-node cluster using SCSI storage.

I installed a default instance and patched it to SP1. Then I installed a second (named) instance and attempted to patch it. That's where the fun began.

Read KB 918357.

Buried in the log files (good luck finding them) on the passive node was the error message "Unable to install Windows Installer MSP file".

You have to apply the instructions outlined in the previous KB to BOTH nodes in order to get SP1 to install. Alternatively, I suppose you could install SP1 on both instances at the same time, but if you add another instance into your cluster, you'd better watch out!

Also, another gotcha was that I had the default instance turned off during the SP1 installation. I had simply off lined the group (including the disks) instead of offlining the SQL Resource. Buried in the log files on the passive node was an error message indicating that the installer could not find the owner for the S:\ drive (the data drive for the default instance). Why the installer should CARE who owns the S:\ drive when it shouldn't be doing anything with it, I don't know.

What a total PITA!!!!

I am going to go have a beer...or two...or three......



BTW, the log files for the SP install are in C:\Windows\Hotfix\SQL9. The log files for the base install are in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Bootstrap