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    Unanswered: Can Access create these graphs?

    Can access product these graphs in a report, see bottom for graph?

    The graphs need to show the following.

    Left hand graph needs to have the following.

    B1 Date and Value plotted on graph (1st value seen on graph)
    B2 Date and Value plotted on graph (2nd value seen on graph)
    Mean B1 + B2 (3rd value seen on graph) This requires a calculation to be performed
    Date 1 and value plotted on graph (4th value seen on graph)
    Date 2 and Value plotted on graph (5th value seen on graph)

    Graph 2 is based on the same data and more calculations need to be performed, using the same data.

    B1 100*(B1/Mean) %
    B2 100*(B2/Mean) %
    Mean = 100%
    Date 1 100*(Date 1/Mean) %
    Date 2 100*(Date 2/Mean) %

    The above left graph was produced by the following data

    B1 12/03/02 28
    B2 27/03/02 43
    Mean (B1+B2)/2 35.5
    Date 1 13/08/02 53
    Date 2 18/12/02 43

    The right graph was created after the following calculations where performed:
    B1 100*(28/35.5)
    B2 100*(43/35.5)
    Mean = 100%
    Date 1 100*(53/35.5)
    Date 2 100*(43/35.5)

    To complicate both graphs further I need to have the shading on the left graph if possible this is a range from 15 to 114.

    On the right hand graph there needs to be 2 constants recorded 45 and 100 across the graph (you may not be able to see this fully from the image posted)

    So can access produce a graph like this or am I better trying this with excel?

    Thanks for your help.
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    what have you tried so far.....

    Access does have the MSGraph DLL built in. It has however a generalised graphging program so it may not be abnle to do some of the more exotic graphing functions

    Offhand I think the grahpinh moduel in Excell is the same (MSGraph).

    The main issue in getting the charting to work is, as ever getting the data in the right format for the graphing program to correctly interpret.

    I think the grey shading may be a little bit awkward as is, youmay have to be crrative and show the shaded area as a banding. There is a limit to waht you cna expect any generalise librabr to do for you, soemtimes you just have to roll your own functions, or accept the limitations placed on you.. I think in this case you may just have to accept the limtiations put in place by Access/MSGraph
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    I've not tried to do anything yet as I wasn't sure if Access would be able to produce the type of graph I'm after.

    Plus I've not had any experience at doing reports so this is going to be a very steep learning curve.

    If the shaded area isn't possible I don't think that will be a problem just as long as the data is represented correctly.

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