plese help me with this
the code is the folowing:
FROM "D:\ISTI\28.11.2006\contractdetailat.dbf" Contractdetailat
INNER JOIN "D:\ISTI\28.11.2006\firma.dbf" Firma
ON (Contractdetailat.NRCONTRACT = Firma.NRCONTRACT) , "D:\ISTI\28.11.2006\delegati.dbf" Delegati
WHERE (Contractdetailat.NRCONTRACT = Firma.NRCONTRACT)
AND (Contractdetailat.NRCONTRACT like'?"&intrari.nrcontract.text&"*')"

now the rezult soud be
at nrconract i have 25 contracts with the afferent next rows and i don't need all of it listed in the same sheet in one sheet i need listig of only one contract that is tha ideea.
by the way the program is one man creation i'm vorking solo and it is werry hard to work solo