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    Unanswered: Transfer data from one database to another

    Hi: I have oracle 8i for windows 2000 installed on one dedicated computer. I have different databases in microsoft access. The easiest step to create table in oracle i already did that. Hardest thing which i dont know how to i write process and where i write process so that on every 24 hours all records from all access databases will be dump into oracle database tables.


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    One way would be to create links (linked tables) to all the tables in all the databases, including the oracle ones, in a seperate database or visual basic executable (the choice is yours) which could opened/run with a scheduled task. Then you could check for conflicts, duplicates, and run SQL action statements (update queries) in code.

    If you elect to create the access database creating an autoexec macro to run your code would be the way to go.

    And, if you want to polish your app a little further, create a management form which reports progress/errors in data transfer with the capability to run the process manually for when it does go wrong!

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