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    Unanswered: Unable to load bcp resource DLL. BCP cannot continue

    I get the message when loading the bcp. I check the path variable and the sqlserver BINN directory is there, but twice. If I try opening the command window and write bcp, I get the error, if I enter the whole path c:\...\80\tool\binn\bcp there is no problem. I wonder what could it be?

    I've manually reinstalled many times but still having trouble.

    Thanx in advance

    SQL SERVER 2000 or SQL SERVER 7 (I've tried with both)

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    maybe your path is referencing a different bcp.exe, not the one in the binn directory.

    you can test it by putting the path to the known working bcp.exe first in line in your PATH env var.

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    This might be a terrible practice, but I use Sybase far more than mssql... so I just renamed the mssql version as "mbcp.exe." Again, I could see how this could be problematic down the line (especially if you forgot you did it) - but the technique has served me well for several years now.

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