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    Unanswered: Deploying a split database

    Hi hope someone can guide me through this.

    Currently I have a split database BE running on server and 3 other users each with their own copy of the FE. DB was created in Access 2000. (yes I did say 2000)
    I want to be able to sell copies of this program to other businesses, but want to sell it as a stand-alone item. (I do have a registered copy of Office 2000 developer tools).
    1. I have experimented with deploying non split databases, but my problem is how do I do this with a split database?
    2. With runtime version I have no access to the "linked table Manager" so how do the BE and FE find each other?
    3. Mapped drives were suggested to me but I have never used these.

    any help you could give me would be much appreciated

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    I think your question would be better addressed in the Access forum, so I am moving it there with a redirect from the prior forum.
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