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    Unanswered: html tags or HyperlinkPart to get query expression hyperlink...

    Hi all,
    In Access 2000, I have an expression in a query that builds a file path by concatenating values from text fields in table like so:

    Link: 'file://///Server/share/' & [tblCase]![CaseYear] & '%20CASES/' & [tblCase]![CaseID] & '.pdf'

    which works fine only that it doesn't appear or function like a hyperlink from the results in Datasheet View. I've dug around Field Properties, tried html tags a variety of ways (with escape sequences etc.) and used the HyperlinkPart function like this (and other ways):

    Link: HyperlinkPart('file://///Server/share/' & [tblCase]![CaseYear] & '%20CASES/' & [tblCase]![CaseID] & '.pdf', 1)

    which actually returns the string properly - but again no link function. It seems like there should be a way to do this. Is there another function I need to use or is it just impossible from Datasheet View? Thanks so much...

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