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    Unanswered: Hide Form instead of Close - Using Default Close Button x

    I have a Form with a command button named cmdClose - the Close Button Does not Close the Form it just hides it...- the code is below..

    me.visible = false

    this works perfect....

    Users also want to Minimize and Maximize this form - so I am showing Control Boxes along with the X in the upper right hand corner of the form (the default close icon).

    To keep the look and feel Consistent, I do want to have the X in the upper right corner, however when a user clicks this x or "close" icon, I want to hide the form vs closing it

    is there any way I can run the code "me.visible = false" when a user clicks the close icon on this form?

    presently - it closes the formas itdoes by default.

    Thanks! - AB

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    You can remove the close icon [X], Set the closeButton in the form's Properties to False

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