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    Unanswered: Apparent glitch in 2005 Management Studio

    Found some bad behavior in the 2005 Management Studio Import and Export Wizard.

    In the Select Source Tables and Views box, I selected multiple objects, and then clicked Edit Mappings.

    The Transfer Settings dialog box appears, and states: "Define the settings that can be applied to all selected table transfers."
    I selected the "Delete rows in existing destination tables" option to overwrite the existing data. But Management Studio DID NOT DELETE THE ROWS IN THE EXISTING TABLES. Instead, the records were appended to existing data, wreaking havoc on our month-end accounting system.
    This happened multiple times, and occured even though the final screen confirmed that existing records would be deleted in each of the individual tables.
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    don't you know to wait for the first service pack on MS products? oh wait sp 1 is already out.
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    yuck. for the record I never worked on that component

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