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    Unanswered: How do I generate dynamic table names in a SELECT statement?

    I need to generate the table name for the FROM clause on-the-fly. I can do it by building a string and then using that, but I really need to do it in a JOIN clause if possible.

    NOTE! I did NOT design this structure, it is an inherited project.

    Here is a basic example of what I need:

    select foo from CONCAT('regtable_',(select regtable from event where id = ?));
    The simplified schema looks like this:

    Table event:
      id - int,
      regtable - int
    Table regtable_1:
      regid - int,
      eventID - int,
      foo - varchar
    Table regtable_2:
      regid - int,
      eventID - int,
      foo - varchar
    Currently I have to select the regtable field from the event table, build a string from that and then use that string. I would like to do it all in a single SQL statement if possible. (And I am not sure at all that this is possible).

    Thanks in advance!


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    i don't think it's possible | @rudydotca
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