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    Unanswered: Add Records Form


    I was curious if there were any quick tutorials I can read to add records from a form in Access 2003. I created the form myself, so I have my own Add button. I'm sure its fairly simple I'm just not too firmilar with VB syntax. If anyone could lead me to some nice tutorials it would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Before you bother with tutorials, try Microsoft Access' help file. With Access open, click on <F1>. With help open, in the left pane click on the "+" sign to open the contents. Eleven lines down the list is "Forms." Click on the "+" sign to list all the form sub-topics, and click on "About Forms" and read to your heart's content. On the bottom of that file there are links to additional topics, and there are ten other major sub-topics on forms right there in the list.


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