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    Unanswered: MSU Millions of Service Units


    I want to get the MSUs (Millions of Service Units) on my Oracle 10g Database with all Application Programs.
    IBM uses this metric for licensing the mainframes. I want to migrate from oracle to db2, so I need the MSUs of Oracle for planning the costs.
    IBM has a SCPT Tool to get the MSUs. Is anything from Oracle available?


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    You may need to define what are "Millions of Service Units" and how would they be computed.

    Oracle records a fair amount of database statistics and measurements, check out the Database Reference

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    A million service units (MSU) is a measurement of the amount of processing work a computer can perform in one hour. The term is most commonly associated with IBM mainframes.

    But what can I do with that? i need tools to assign the MSUs of my oracle database.

    thanks, Klaus

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    The MSU is a very IBM centric term. If you want to study the comparisons between the two databases, then use the following search terms in Google "DB2 ORACLE COMPARISON DATABASE" or "DB2 ORACLE benchmark DATABASE". Ignore the onces on the IBM and oracle websites (for obvious reasons) and check out the rest.
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