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    Unanswered: seriously need some help

    i am in the middle of developing a mini soccer management game using Access and i have a few tables present (players, teams, player/team contract info to indicate player's current club and fixtures). i need help on the following;

    1. how do i go about creating match events (goals, red cards, etc) using tables and queries for teams and players, to create actual matches, fixtures and results.

    2. how do i randomize players and events (i.e. when a player from a particular team scores a goal)

    3. league tables

    help would be much appreciated and i have attached a copy of my database if anyone wishes to help.
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    Interesting database. Your question(s) though are kind of vague but it sounds like you would continue down the same path your going with relationships (i.e. create a Game table, not sure about what are red cards), but then you could have another table linked to the Game table which records who played in the game (person ID) and length of time, regards to randomize (not sure what you mean here which may mean why you haven't gotten many responses), but these could also be tables linked to the Game table (Game table would kind of be your main table on the top of the pyramid). There is code to randomize numbers (you can google this) which will give you randomization if that's what you're looking for. Lastly League tables. Again, I'm not that familiar with soccer and so I can't help you much but from what I've seen that you got so far, you're on the right track and just need to keep thinking down those same lines - perhaps if you explain what you mean by leagues and a little more detail on the other subjects you may get some ideas - right now, it seems very vague and open to all kinds of interpretation (i.e. get more specific - I want to track this here and this here and this there and this there). Hope that helps in some way. But overall, good start and I think you'll do fine if you keep thinking the way you are. Cheers.
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