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    Unanswered: Problem with coding I think

    I have a report that looks like the following:

    record record record null null record record
    supress supress supress null record1 null supress
    supress supress supress record2 null null supress

    This is the best way to describe my data, its 3 rows of records and I want to show record1 and record2 on the top row. I have the other data beneath supressed. I am sure this maybe be possible using SQL code or using a loop or something but I have no idea where to start and have been trawling the web for answers or some code samples but have found none to date as it is quite a specific thing. Its tricky I know but could someone help me please???

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    You can do it with help of Top n clause, see BOL for Top n clause in TSQL.
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