Apparently the below piece of code wont work, and as far as I can see it, its due tot the fact that the masterfield is an unbound object.

The whole idea is, that if the user chooses an invoice number, this little proc will link a subform with the information. Plus, in the end, fetch a commentary field from another table, and add this to a textbox.

The proc fails on the linkmasterfields, regardles how i enter the box_faktura textbox value / field reference..


    If IsNull(box_faktura.Value) = False Then

       Dim qdf As QueryDef
       Dim Curdb As Database
       Set Curdb = CurrentDb()
       Set qdf = Curdb.CreateQueryDef("")
       Dim kommrs As Recordset

       subform_tracks.SourceObject = md_subform_kopfak_tracks
       subform_tracks.LinkMasterFields = box_faktura.Value
       subform_tracks.LinkChildFields = "faknr"

       With qdf
          .sql = "SELECT * FROM md_tbl_kopfak WHERE faknr =" & box_faktura.Value
           Set kommrs = .OpenRecordset(dbOpenSnapshot)
       End With ''

       txt_komm.Value = kommrs!kommentar
    End If