I have a group of products (kit) and a quantity field. I only want to see the kit that starts with A-, F- and L- so I have select expert criteria comprising of the following:

{KIT_TBL.KIT_PART_ONLY} startswith ["A-", "F-", "L-"]

This works....

however I only want to show the top 10 records from the quantity field for the kit that starts with A-

The formula in the select expert would be something along the lines of:

{KIT_TBL.KIT_PART_ONLY} startswith ["F-", "L-"] and
{KIT_TBL.KIT_PART_ONLY} startswith ["A-"] where topcount {quantity} 10

This does not work.......I don't know how to code this properly so any help would be amazing!