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    Unanswered: daylight savings inquiry

    Hi there,

    Iím currently administering a small web-based application overseas which uses MySQL 5.0 as its database and running on Windows server OS.

    The host computerís date and time settings have been configured according to the countryís time zone where it is currently hosted and now observing daylight savings time.

    My concern is that when the daylight savings time ends and moves back to standard time, will MySQL able to make the necessary changes in the time stamp of the data already stored?

    Iím just worried that the transition (back to standard time) will overwrite all the data that were already saved during the last hour of the daylight savings time.

    The application uses the data type DATETIME for storing the date and time stamp of the data being stored and the function NOW() in retrieving the host computerís current date & time.

    I'm still quite a newbie in MySQL and would appreciate any form of help that I can get.

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