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    Unanswered: Online data of Oracle in a Pen Drive (data stick)

    I am using oracle 9i and work on the server. I would like to have a solution where one database user's data can be kept in a pen drive (Data Stick or Memory Stick) so that this pen drive can be attached and and after working on this I can detach and keep with me. This is to ensure that all the data in that perticular user is in the detachable drive.

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    Interesting question. I've never tried it, but did you try giving the user his/her own tablespace with a datafile on the pen drive, and then take the tablespace offline when the user needs to remove the pen drive? They probably need DBA role to do it. If you have multiple users sharing the same table, maybe you could (in theory) create a partition per user and take individual partitions offline, but then ever user would need the DBA role. Also consider that when the users want to start working again, the SYSDBA will probably have to perform database recovery operations on the pen-drive files to let Oracle update the file headers with the current scn.
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