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    Unanswered: Keeping Report Information Together On One Page

    I have a report that is generating information by name and then detailed information about that name. The name is in its own header so that it does not repeat itself and the detailed information in via a linked table and can have a few records per name. However, sometimes the name with print, but not have room to list the detailed information on the same page and spill over onto the next page making reading the report a little cumbersome. How do I ensure that all detailed information is contained under the name header on a single page? I've tried playing around with header properties on the form and haven't found the right one, or done the right thing yet (or I'm in the wrong place all together). Thanks!

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    look at the sorting and grouping for the report

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    I doubt that 'Name' is a Primary key in your table is it?? If there is possibility for two Names the same that are actually different records then the rest of your grouping kinda goes to hell and odd things can start happening. In your sorting and grouping, sort on 'name' without a visible header then sort on the primary key for the table in a visible header- you can include the name field in the header featuring the primary key. This will keep records separate while still sorting alphabetically.
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