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    Unanswered: [DB2 7.2] Lost "acces" to database


    I have a database 7.2 running on windows 2000.
    Since tuesday, something's happening, at least once a day : I can't access to my database.

    Sometimes, it's when i'm trying to run an application (made in .net 2002, and trying to connect to my database).
    And it happens sometimes when this programm is already running. And the message is :
    "[IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30081N A communication error has been detected. Communication protocol being used: "TCP/IP". Communication API being used: "SOCKETS". Location where the error was detected: "". Communication function detecting the error: "connect". Protocol specific error code(s): "10061", "*", "*". SQLSTATE=08001" .

    First I though it was a network trouble, but it wasn't : i tryed to connect to my db from the server, and I couldn't (test failed).

    So what can I do to find where's the mistake ?

    I hope my english is ok for you (and my explanations) and maybe someone of you has THE perfect answer


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    How many connections are currently connected to the DB and what is the max configured for the DB?


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    Humm how can I see that ?

    I'm new on db2, i'm so sorry for that...

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    Make sure the DB2 service is running.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    On the DB2 server as the instance owner, from the DB2 command window, type:

    DB2 get dbm cfg

    Look for MAX_CONNECTIONS to determine the max.

    Then type:


    Count the number listed. This is how many are connected.


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    I don't have it.

    here's the result of the command :

    C:\PROGRA~1\SQLLIB\BIN>DB2 get dbm cfg

    Database Manager Configuration

    Node type = Database Server with local and remote clients

    Database manager configuration release level = 0x0900

    Maximum total of files open (MAXTOTFILOP) = 16000
    CPU speed (millisec/instruction) (CPUSPEED) = 2.755341e-007

    Max number of concurrently active databases (NUMDB) = 8
    Data Links support (DATALINKS) = NO
    Federated Database System Support (FEDERATED) = YES
    Transaction processor monitor name (TP_MON_NAME) =

    Default charge-back account (DFT_ACCOUNT_STR) =

    Java Development Kit 1.1 installation path (JDK11_PATH) =

    Diagnostic error capture level (DIAGLEVEL) = 3
    Notify Level (NOTIFYLEVEL) = 2
    Diagnostic data directory path (DIAGPATH) =

    Default database monitor switches
    Buffer pool (DFT_MON_BUFPOOL) = OFF
    Lock (DFT_MON_LOCK) = OFF
    Sort (DFT_MON_SORT) = OFF
    Statement (DFT_MON_STMT) = OFF
    Table (DFT_MON_TABLE) = OFF
    Unit of work (DFT_MON_UOW) = OFF

    SYSADM group name (SYSADM_GROUP) =
    SYSCTRL group name (SYSCTRL_GROUP) =
    SYSMAINT group name (SYSMAINT_GROUP) =

    Database manager authentication (AUTHENTICATION) = SERVER
    Cataloging allowed without authority (CATALOG_NOAUTH) = YES
    Trust all clients (TRUST_ALLCLNTS) = YES
    Trusted client authentication (TRUST_CLNTAUTH) = CLIENT

    Default database path (DFTDBPATH) = C:

    Database monitor heap size (4KB) (MON_HEAP_SZ) = 32
    UDF shared memory set size (4KB) (UDF_MEM_SZ) = 256
    Java Virtual Machine heap size (4KB) (JAVA_HEAP_SZ) = 2048
    Audit buffer size (4KB) (AUDIT_BUF_SZ) = 0

    Backup buffer default size (4KB) (BACKBUFSZ) = 1024
    Restore buffer default size (4KB) (RESTBUFSZ) = 1024

    Agent stack size (AGENT_STACK_SZ) = 16
    Minimum committed private memory (4KB) (MIN_PRIV_MEM) = 32
    Private memory threshold (4KB) (PRIV_MEM_THRESH) = 1296

    Sort heap threshold (4KB) (SHEAPTHRES) = 20000

    Directory cache support (DIR_CACHE) = YES

    Application support layer heap size (4KB) (ASLHEAPSZ) = 15
    Max requester I/O block size (bytes) (RQRIOBLK) = 32767
    DOS requester I/O block size (bytes) (DOS_RQRIOBLK) = 4096
    Query heap size (4KB) (QUERY_HEAP_SZ) = 1000
    DRDA services heap size (4KB) (DRDA_HEAP_SZ) = 128

    Priority of agents (AGENTPRI) = SYSTEM
    Max number of existing agents (MAXAGENTS) = 200
    Agent pool size (NUM_POOLAGENTS) = 4 (calculated)
    Initial number of agents in pool (NUM_INITAGENTS) = 0
    Max number of coordinating agents (MAX_COORDAGENTS) = MAXAGENTS
    Max no. of concurrent coordinating agents (MAXCAGENTS) = MAX_COORDAGENTS
    Max number of logical agents (MAX_LOGICAGENTS) = MAX_COORDAGENTS

    Keep DARI process (KEEPDARI) = YES
    Max number of DARI processes (MAXDARI) = MAX_COORDAGENTS
    Initialize DARI process with JVM (INITDARI_JVM) = NO
    Initial number of fenced DARI process (NUM_INITDARIS) = 0

    Index re-creation time (INDEXREC) = ACCESS

    Transaction manager database name (TM_DATABASE) = 1ST_CONN
    Transaction resync interval (sec) (RESYNC_INTERVAL) = 180

    SPM log size (SPM_LOG_FILE_SZ) = 256
    SPM resync agent limit (SPM_MAX_RESYNC) = 20
    SPM log path (SPM_LOG_PATH) =

    NetBIOS Workstation name (NNAME) =

    TCP/IP Service name (SVCENAME) = db2cDB2
    APPC Transaction program name (TPNAME) =
    IPX/SPX File server name (FILESERVER) =
    IPX/SPX DB2 server object name (OBJECTNAME) =
    IPX/SPX Socket number (IPX_SOCKET) = 879E

    Discovery mode (DISCOVER) = SEARCH
    Discovery communication protocols (DISCOVER_COMM) = TCPIP
    Discover server instance (DISCOVER_INST) = ENABLE

    Directory services type (DIR_TYPE) = NONE
    Directory path name (DIR_PATH_NAME) = /.:/subsys/database/
    Directory object name (DIR_OBJ_NAME) =
    Routing information object name (ROUTE_OBJ_NAME) =
    Default client comm. protocols (DFT_CLIENT_COMM) =
    Default client adapter number (DFT_CLIENT_ADPT) = 0

    Maximum query degree of parallelism (MAX_QUERYDEGREE) = ANY
    Enable intra-partition parallelism (INTRA_PARALLEL) = NO

    No. of int. communication buffers(4KB)(FCM_NUM_BUFFERS) = 1024
    Number of FCM request blocks (FCM_NUM_RQB) = 512
    Number of FCM connection entries (FCM_NUM_CONNECT) = (FCM_NUM_RQB * 0.75)
    Number of FCM message anchors (FCM_NUM_ANCHORS) = (FCM_NUM_RQB * 0.75)

    Concerning the other part of the test, I'll do it monday, next time the trouble'll happen.. or tuesday, or never I hope !



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    It has been a long while since I used V7.2. Maybe MAX_CONNECTIONS is V8, I do not remember V7 much. How many connections?


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    I still have it.

    It's not a problem of how many users or applications are connected to the database. I don't know what to think or do

    I tryed also to connect by LCP, i have this message :
    db2 => connect to DATABASE user USER using PASSWORD
    SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019

    And I cannot restart my DB my control center or anything else. The only thing I can do, is reboot the server, which is not the best way.

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    Check your db2diag.log file. It sort of seems to me that your instance is crashing and that is causing the communications errors you are seeing. With V7.2 no longer supported by IBM, you are not going to be able to get any help from them.


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