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    Unanswered: MSU billing on IBM Mainframe


    I have a problem:
    I want to migrate from an Oracle database to an IBM Mainframe. Therefore I want to know exactly the costs of the migrating. IBM Mainframe uses MSUs (Million service units) of the cpu power to calculate costs.
    Anyone an idea, how to get the MSUs of my oracle system, to obtain the costs?

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    what do you mean by IBM Mainframe? IBM has 5 "mainframe" databases:
    - db2 for zOs on zSeries
    - db2 for VSE AND VM on zSeries
    - db2 for zLinux on zSeries
    - db2 for iSeries on iSeries

    But bear in mind that there is not all functionalities supported on all of this databases. Only db2 for zLinux is equal to DB2 Windows/Linux/Unix databases all other has somekind of limitations.

    Migration is manly dependent on what you have already at database site? Tables, store procedures, triggers, etc. More you have on Oracle more problems can be expacted.

    Please also see links provided at (search 'migration'):

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I mean an IBM Mainframe for zOs on zSeries.
    The technical migration has been evaluated, the existing system on oracle 10g should work with the same amount of programs as on the new Mainframe.
    Same amount of tables, stored procedures and so on.

    Because on the Mainframe there exists no license pricing, I need the MSU value to get known how much it would cost to run on the Mainframe.
    Not the costs for developing or migrating are important, but the running costs per month measured in MSUs are important.

    The question is how can I obtain these value on oracle, to plan costs on mainframe?

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