I have created a database with a number of related tables. To help ensure data entry integrety, I have used combo boxes in the higher level tables to select data from lower level focused tables. I have not built an entry form yet, since I am doing all entry personnally and have no problems working within the tables.

The difficulty is that this database is being uploaded into a Data Warehouse system (no info on system). When the DW manager uploads my database, he sees the pointer information (rather than hard data) in the higher level tables. Is there a way (via macro or otherwise) to replace this pointer information with hard data? I looked in previous posts, but could not find.

This is a pilot effort at this point. Eventually, I believe the data will be loaded directly into the data warehouse (or perhaps Access will be used for a data entry front end, but not how). I am building Access db to help determine proper relationship and data needs and build preliminary reports.

I have read a number of time that combo boxes were not the best methodology, but have not found a suitable substitue yet.

Open to any suggestions!

Thanks for any suggestions.