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    Unanswered: pervasive SQL V8 vs SQL server 2000

    My company is trying to determine if they need to upgrade from our current Platinum accounting application that uses pervasive SQL V8 to another version of Platinum that uses SQL server 2000.

    My manager wants a in-depth analysis comparing pervasive SQL V8 to SQL server 2000.

    I have searched the web extensively but information is scarce.

    Are there any articles or case studies that do an indepth analysis comparing both databases? Can someone please help me. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here's a white paper that talks about cost of ownership of PSQL:
    You're probably not going to find too many "in depth analysis" comparing the two databases because for the most part they don't occupy the same market.
    Pervasive is marketed more for mid sized businesses where SQL Server is marketed toward the enterprise. That doesn't mean that PSQL can't hold it's own in the enterprise. I've seen PSQL running in an environment where there were 1500 + concurrent users hitting the database. I know that some very large companies use PSQL. For example, Fry's electronics uses PSQL for it's Point of Sale system. Here's a link with a "Wall of Fame" for PSQL references.
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