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    Unanswered: Maximum display width on Integer types !?

    I'm in my first days with MySQL and I have a doubt about something I've just read in the manual.
    They talk about a maximum display width for integer types (!?):
    M indicates the maximum display width for integer types. For floating-point and fixed-point types, M is the total number of digits. For string types, M is the maximum length. The maximum allowable value of M depends on the data type.

    I understand what's is this on String types as it make sense. As well as floating and fixed points, where you should specify the digits/decimals.
    But I just don't get it what the heck has a "display" to do with database storage related to an Integer type ?
    What's display about !? Display what ? where ?

    Thanks in advance!

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    the number in parentheses after a numeric datatype, e.g. integer(11), indicates how many digits to display when using the ZEROFILL option

    so if the value is 937, and you have integer(11) zerofill, then when you display the value, it displays as 00000000937

    that's all it's used for | @rudydotca
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    Thanks for the explanation !

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