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    Unanswered: Index Does Not Exist

    Here is a new problem to me that I can't figure out. We have an existing Paradox database program that is local on one PC and accessed through two other PC's. We are setting up two new systems and loaded the same v.8 of Paradox that the old PC's have and everything works fine except when accessing one table.

    The error when opening inventory.db is:

    CANNOT OPEN :KENT:Inventory.db

    Index does not exist

    Do you want to open it without this index YES / NO

    Index used to join table is no longer valid

    Invalid Parameter

    In troubleshooting this problem, the inventory files were loaded locally on the new PC and the tables loaded just fine with no error.


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    Operating system of the two pcs?

    Antivirus/other utilities running?

    Apart from these, there are many known registry configurations that should be done on newer windows versione to make Pdox run smooth, it might be that one of these pcs has one of them configured differently.
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    The index files may be stored or locked in a manner (alias or directory) not setup on or accessible to the new computers.

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