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    Unanswered: existing form/field

    Here's my code:
    Function Timerz()
    Dim time_now
    time_now = Format(Now(), "hh:mm AMPM")
    'Make this prompt ONLY when RemindTime = Now()
    If ([Forms]![fClientReminder]![RemindTime] = time_now) Then
    MsgBox ("The time now is: " & time_now)
    'Do nothing if there are no matching times
    Else: MsgBox ("Its not the time")
    End If
    End Function
    Whether this applies through macro|module, MS Access always yells at me about [Forms]![fClientReminder]![RemindTime] not existing. Everything is spelled correctly, and is an existing form.

    Any suggestions?
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    But, is the form OPEN at the time of the time check???? If not open, you'll get this type of error. What process/form is calling/invoking this function?
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