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    Unanswered: MultiSelect Listbox and Iteration issue

    May I know how can i select the values from a multi-listbox using a query in DAO using MS Acess with visual basic? I have declared a variable for the listbox and assign it to the listbox but i am getting null value error. What i need is to use the selected values from the listbox in an SQL Query using the where clause but nt too sure as to hw can it be performed. In addition, hw do i iterate the values in a multi-listbox (single, extended)

    Any guidance, pointers or code sample is very much appreciated. I am a new breed in this VB environment.

    For instance: Listbox1 consists of maths, science, chinese. I shld be able select this three values using multi-listbox and query it with where clause.


    Dim subjects as String
    subjects = List1.value
    Error : "cannot select from null value" - run-time error

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