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    Question Unanswered: Design question on new DB


    I am working on a database and I am stuck on the design of the database. I want to provide a background on what I am dealing with.

    Each employee has a set of skill sets which defines the company’s operating procedures (SOP).

    Let me provide an example. Handling hazardous material is a policy for this. This policy refers only to the chemical technicians, since they handle this and it relates only to them. They read the policy and demonstrate knowledge of the policy. Some policies are core and are throughout the entire company and some are just required only for that specific skill set.

    Skill Set                                SOP
    Chemical Tech                   Hazardous material
    				Visitor Policy (Core Policy)
    				Proper lab attire
    Receptionist                    Visitor Policy (Core Policy)
    				Answer Phone
    Each employee has at least 1 skill set. I had a question if I was setting the tables correctly? The highlight in red is the look up and the blue for the M:M

    Thank you,
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    As far as I can tell you design looks sound. A suggestion I would have for you is to put all your core skills into one skill set. In your example I would have Visitor policy in Skill Set 1. Then have an additional skill set for Receptionist that had Answer phone (2 for example) Then link Skill Set 1 and 2 to all receptionists. In my example, all employees would have Skill Set one in the Skill Detail table. That way if you change the core skills (add one or delete one) you only have to edit one skill set.

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