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    Suggested tools for asyncronous distributed database application

    I need to build an application that links a number of MS Access databases (7) (located at various sites) to a central database - maybe MSSQL server.
    All remote site databases have similar databases.
    Certain tables at the remote locations will be replicas of tables at the central server.
    The remote databases will send transactions back to be stored in the central server. (ie. All transactions at the remote location(s) will be stored in a local table. All transactions at all remote sites will be merged into a central table in the central database.
    The remote sites and central server will all reside on the internet and be linked via VPN. The remote sites need to transact (with the local Access database) even if comms are down. Syncronisation can happen on resumption of comms.
    What is the best and easiest way to do this. I am thinking MS SQL for central database but it could be something else?
    The remote applications are written using VB (not .net).

    Any help appreciated.


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    I would suggest that since you're using SQL Server for the central database, use msde instead of Access for the satellite databases. That way, you could use SQL Server's replication features, as MSDE can act as a replication subscriber.
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