I have what i think is a permissions problem in Server2005 and I'm hoping i'm on the right track here but here goes...

I have some legacy VB6 which is connecting to a LOG database and looping through the tabledefs. For some reason the code bugs out and both the err & dbengine errors descriptions are 'Unexpected Error: 3000 - Reserved error (-7778); there is no message for this error.'---VERY HELPFULL.

I take a look in management studio and next to my LOG database, in parethesis, it says 'Restricted User'. I'm fairly new to 2005 and i haven't seen this before but i'm guessing this may be the issue since the same action is performed on the main database (which has no such suffix) and the code runs through just fine. Makes no difference whether i use a Windows log-in or SQL log-in, the suffix remains. I also checked the server roles and user mapping,...everything is good.

Anyone got a clue why that's there and how i can get rid?

Help would be really appriciated.