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    Question Unanswered: Restoring a tablespace directory on a different server


    My postgresql server crashed and the only thing I saved was an hardrive containing the directory of a tablespace.

    How can I restore it on a different server with POstgresql ?

    I tried to create a tablespace with the same name & directory, then put files in it, it does not complain but I cannot access any database.

    Any idea ?


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    Sorry, I don't think so. According to the Douglesses (authors of PostgreSQL, 1st and 2nd editions) when discussing the disadvantages of using a filesystem backup mechanism:
    Finally, it is not possible to restore a single database or table from a filesystem archive
    In your case, unless you have the entire postgreSQL directory available (and not just the single tablespace) I think you are stuck.

    You should probably ask this question over at the PostgreSQL mailing list archives.
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