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    Unanswered: Combo Box Confusion

    I've spent nearly 24 hours scratching my head at a nightmare of a problem with a Combo Box.

    I have a [Decision Result] field in a table looks at a table [Decision Options] which only has a single field and the values of this field form a list for a Combo Box of the options that I want available for my [Decision Result] field.

    I've populated all of my tables with data manually but have since created a Form, initially WITHOUT [Decision Result]. It has since become apparent that I need it and my problem has been adding [Decision Result] to the form.

    No matter what way I go about adding this field to this Form it ALWAYS comes up blank for the records I have already populated (even though the the table clearly already has a value) and although the combo box DOES provide a correct list of the values to choose from whenever I select one it does not update the field.

    I tried creating a new form with just two fields [Client] and [Decision Result] and the Combo Box works perfectly fine. I tried copying and pasting this across and the same problem occured. I've been through every PROPERTY repeatedly in fine detail yet can't find an error.

    Also when I open the form I get asked to enter a parameter value for [Decision Result]. How can I get this Combo Box to work?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Record source of the form must be bound to a table or query that has the DecisionResult field in it if it is to store and display the value. The Control source of the field must also be bound to the field of the table or query. For the combo box to display the options that are available, it's Row source should be something like SELECT Decision Options.WhateverTheFieldName FROM Decision Options;

    Check these on the properties.
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    Thanks for the help, it was just inaccurate naming of tables and fields under Properties.


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