i have a problem i'm working on a table update the table contains all the data wich is going too be updated from ana external source.
i have to read the external data in wich is not a problem but i have the next problem the selection criteria to get the data wich i'm going to update it works but the update it doesnt. The case is a particular one because the teory it sais to do the next thing:

update table1
set colx = (select colx from table2 where table2.colx like 'criterya');

ok that i beutiul but how to do it for a single tale?

my sintax is like this

update table1
set colx = (select col1 form table1 where col1 external source <insert new data> )
how to do the underlined part.

on anodher forum sommebody said do the next thing:
update table1
set colx= criteria;
thatis nice but absolutly doesn't work because it gives me the next message:
"error creating cursor handle"