Some 3-4 years ago, I set up a SQL 2000 server, which had a webserver in DMZ, which needed to log in to the SQL-server on the LAN.

Setting up firewall, DSN and the CMS to use the LAN based servere, was piece of cake... I'm in a similar situation now, but would like to encrypt the transmission between front-end servere and back-end, using SSL... as the sql-server on the LAN is locked tight, db users isolated completely, backup plans better than usual now with the DMZ to LAN tunnel open, you might ask "why?"... and my answer is simple...

Since its now 5 or 6 years ago since I took my sql-server certificates, I don't recall the multi-protocol approach to do so very well, and I figured this would give me the chance to brush up on old practices.. Could someone sum it up in a few lines? No links to technet articles necessary, I just need to reassure that I've remembered everything, before I start configuring.

Thanks for your 5 minutes..

Cheres, Trin