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    Unanswered: Access has quit unexpectedly guru!!

    Problem- First, users encounter the unrecognized database format warning box and they cannot do anything. When you try to enter the BE database, I get "the database needs repaired as you or another user may have unexpectedly quit Microsoft Access while a Microsoft Access database was open" action box. The ldb file was still open and using server management, I knew that everyone was out. I did not know but I read somewhere that you can open this file with notepad to find out who was using. Is this true? I get everyone out of the database and repair it. I do it more than once and then I let them use it again. I look for corrupted files after and do not find any.

    System -
    Server is running Small Business Server 2003
    Database is split FE/BE
    Client PC's are running XP with Access 2002
    All units are running Access 2002 but the database file is 2000 format
    We are using Tony's autofe updater
    Approximately 9 users at the time of problem
    Database is about 16K compacted
    I compact and repair every couple of nights
    I do not have the links refreshed as when I use the recommended (Tony's page) module to accomplish, it stops on remote terminal (works on my laptop fine but not on the client PC's. Therefore, I link the tables on a client PC and then copy that database to the shared FE folder. Everything seems to work fine.
    Other facts -
    I have one other database with approximately 8 users that is working fine and does not seem to be affected. That database is not split. I split the problem database after this problem first popped up.
    I also have another database that is used only one every few days and only by one user.
    The problem database has a mix of hard wired network connections and RF connections. The other database is all hard wired.
    The company allows the client PCs to stream audio. I am sure this takes up bandwidth. Should they be doing? However, only the problem database is affected so I do not know if this is an issue as quite a few people do it and the other databases are not affected.
    Thanks for review and any suggestions!!

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    Since no one has answered, I'll take a stab. While I have no personal experience in this area, I've read that Access does not play nice with wireless networks. Is it possible to keep the wireless users out for a while, and see if the problem occurs with only wired users?

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    this might help you play with the .LDB

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    access quiting in xp running ie7

    i have access 2000 db apps running on 3 pc all using xp o.s. (for 3 years with no problems) since the latest internet explorer 7 was installed automatically through windows update the apps seem to quit when processing some forms.


    i'm not sure

    is anyone else getting this problem

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    I will wait until the problem occurs again and will look into the ldb file. I am unsure about Internet Explorer 7 but will check the PC's tomorrow.


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