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    Unanswered: Question on sqlmaint scripts

    New to SQL Server.

    I am looking at some legacy sqlmaint scripts.

    If I don't see the switches




    Does that mean that there are no database reorgs and no update system
    catalog statistics being done?

    The rebuild index switch is SQL Server speak for a reorg correct?

    Thanks in advance.


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    If by "The rebuild index switch is SQL Server speak for a reorg correct?" you mean reorganinzing the data pages similiar to what a dbcc shrinkdatabase does then the answer is no.

    The -ReblIdx switch refers to rebuilding indexes.

    From BOL: -RebldIdx free_space

    Specifies that indexes on tables in the target database should be rebuilt by using the free_space percent value as the inverse of the fill factor. For example, if free_space percentage is 30, then the fill factor used is 70. If a free_space percentage value of 100 is specified, then the indexes are rebuilt with the original fill factor value.

    best regards

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    I am trying to determine if any reorgs have been done. What flag/switch in the sqlmaint should I be looking for?

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