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    Unanswered: UNION vs UNION ALL

    Just a pet peeve....

    From BOL:

    By default, the UNION operator removes duplicate rows from the result set. 
    If you use ALL, all rows are included in the results and duplicates are not 
    Why is it assumed that one would want the duplicates removed by default?
    Isn't that what SELECT DISINCT is for?
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    it is another way to remove dupes

    to see why it's good, try writing the sql for a UNION that has several SELECTs in it, assuming that you will need to remove dupes with DISTINCT from the result

    don't just toss DISTINCT into each SELECT, that won't work because the dupes could happen as one row comes from one SELECT and a dupe comes from a different SELECT

    so go ahead, try writing the sql yourself -- it's ugly | @rudydotca
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