I have a question about PERL. I am trying to read in a file that has a new line character of hex "0A" - it used to be hex "0D". I tried lots of things including "undef" to try and ignore the endofline characters. That got me in trouble, it did not read the entire file, plus I could not reset the $/ to the default after that.

Is there a way to change the $/ variable to be hex "0A"? If you use an explanation that includes "octal", I have never been able to understand why octal notation is so ubiquitious in PERL - in other words, I don't understand octal.

while (<RECORDNAMES>) {
$filename = "$datainpath\\$_";
open (X, "$filename");
# this undef statement ignores the end-of-record character, in this case, a #hex 0A
undef $/;
while (<X>)

Thanks so much for you help!