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    Unanswered: ? Autofiltering Multiple Fields on User Input ?

    I'm not sure if this can be done in Access. I have a form with about 25 fields used to store information about the parts we distribute at work. My primary field is the part number. There is a certain amount of redundant information about different part numbers, such as material, customer, etc. I need to be able to start with a blank form, pick any field I want, and begin typing in data. As I do this, I want the field to query known records, and autocomplete as I type - similar to a combo box used to jump to a record. After Update, I want my records filtered for the data entered.

    I know about filter by form, and unfortunately this feature was not enough to satisfy my boss, who insists on a more user-friendly parts form.

    I attached a screener of my form to show what I'm trying to do. I appreciate any help!!

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    Instead of making it "like a combobox," why don't you just use a series of comboboxes? For example, you can start with a new part number (text box, as it's unique); category (combo box: table/query, "widgets, legs, casters" for ex.). You picked widgets? OK, material (combo box, with all the materials you make widgets in). You picked plastic? OK, now size (combo box, with all the sizes your plastic widgets come in). You picked X" by Y"? OK, now description (text box, which will be pre-initialized with the words "Widget, plastic, X" by Y"" and will allow you to fill in the description). You can expand this ad infinitum, having one combo box after the other in series, with the Requery statement of the next combobox in the series in the AfterUpdate event of the previous textbox/combobox.

    It's really not hard. Try it.

    Hope this helps,


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