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    Unanswered: SQLXML Woes - 2Q's

    Hi everybody.

    I don't know if anyone can help me but I have two issues with SQL Server 2000 SP4 (version 8.00.2039 - Desktop Engine) running on W2K and W2K3. I'm also running SQLXML 3.0 (msxml2.dll version is 8.30.9530.0).

    Is it me or is sp_xml_preparedocument a crippled fat dog that is blind?...not that I have anything against crippled fat dogs that are blind

    In all the stored procs I have developed, I pass a text var as an input parameter and return an IStream to ADO (using an sqlxml provider) in COM+. All has been very well and fine...until the passed text parameter resembles a data object of any decent size.

    The first error I was noticing was a "XML Parsing Error: not enough storage is available to complete this operation". Well, I thought I would debug logically in a step fashion and just prepare the doc first and then do a return and then do a return on the next segment of code to find out where the issue is. I was amazed to find that sp_xml_preparedocument is taking 7 seconds to load a simple 1MByte text input var and around three minutes to load a 7 MByte file.

    I believe these long load times are causing issues with transaction timouts etc so I thought I would try to solve the speed issue with sp_xml_preparedocument and then see if the "XML Parsing Error" continues.

    So, my first question is:

    Should sp_xml_preparedocument take 7 seconds to load a 1MByte text variable and nearly three odd minutes to load a 7 MByte file? Surely there is something wrong somewhere?

    I'm also running these tests on two machines - one is 2 GHz and the other is 2.4 GHz P4's.

    Cheers and thanks for any info.

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    Haven't got much experience with it, but did notice the non performance of this while running some test a few monhs ago. Should be much better in SQL 2005, but I haven't tested that at all, so can't share any experiences on that with you ... yet.


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    Thanks Yveau for the response.

    If anyone else has any info or optimization tips, it would be muchly appreciated.



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