Hows a goin?
My name is chris, and i am in the Navy. I just took over Test Equiptment guy for my shop.

My problem:

I have roughly 337 pieces of test equipment, that i have sorted in an excel spreadsheet by division, space, location (in the space), model, name, cage, serial, and calibration due date. With that said, my responsibilities are to keep track of where my test equipment is, as i do get "spot checked", and know when i have to take test equipment to the cal lab for calibration. Right now, as of when it was turned over to me, we are at 88% calibrated, not including the few pieces of test equipment that arent in the books that i recently found during my inventory. 88% is crap. The previous TE guy made this appear to be going smooth, but i have now dug in deep and want to show my higher ups that i can do what the job entails to the fullest. I want all of my test equipment at 100% calibrated. To do that i am trying to make a database to basically run itself. I interface with one other database which gets me my reciepts to take to the cal lab.

I am trying to go one step further and move away from paper, making a database, shared on my intranet. Right now i have a basic checkout sheet, with the applicable information such as who they are and their workcenter the model #, cal date.... which sits in a binder. What i want is when people need a piece of test equipment, they find it in the database, and query it to be checked out to themselves. I am then notified of their inquisition, and i get the test equipment ready for them to come pick up in my shop. Then i check it out to them. They use it then bring it back, i let the database know its in my possesion, and i put it back where it needs to go.

I then need this to sort upon request the cal due date by most recent, or look for a piece of test equipment by cage (soon to be changed to scat code).

I am trying to make this using Access, which is what we have issued to us. I keep getting lost. I am unsure of how to interface my data, with a usable GUI for the user trying to get a piece of test equipment. Any help is greatly appreciated.